The Idea

  1. Create a new type of Access Control & Unlocking System to set, send, receive and revoke time-sensitive Digital Keys to users' doors for themselves, their family, co-workers, customers, their dog walker, or anyone

  2. Develop an Ecosystem ready to be integrated into any already existing electronic lock & door anywhere, with no on-site infrastructure required


Implement Narrow Band IoT technology in partnership with Vodafone and Huawei to make the smart lock solution more secure, energy efficient, and cost-effective

The Challenge

1. Strategical

  • Substitute existing solution with NFC by new one that uses Vodafone’s NarrowBand IoT
  • Develop complete smart lock management platform

2. Technical

  • Integrate the solution with hotel’s Property Management System
  • Develop direct communication with smart lock  via NB IoT protocol
  • Integrate the product with Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform




The Process

  1. Frequent communication to quickly adopt to changes

  2. Sharing session for knowledge sharing across all distributed team

  3. Training sessions from Huawei Lab

The Result

1. Technical

  • Integration with real hotel Property Management System
  • Integration with mobile app that opens lock
  • Smart Lock Management system for hotels ready to use
  • Statistic and Event logs dashboard for hotel manager created

2. Strategical

Digital Keys as end-to-end Smart Access Solution:

LEAPIN Digital Keys makes it easy to manage multiple rental properties, and homes and hotels, allowing owners complete control over who receives a digital key, and for how long. Keys can be shared from anywhere via email/SMS – across continents and time zones – making life easier for hosts and guests alike, and more secure and profitable (with never having to ever replace a lock again).

Award for Excellence in Tourism from the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

Runner-up Best New Patent competition by Licencing Executives Society.

Pank Prize Entrepreneurship from University South Australia.