The Idea

  1. Create digital alternative to old postal box as an Interactive Neighbourhood Platform for cities, merchants, organisations and inhabitants

  2. Reduce paper usage for local Ad delivery

  3. Increase neighbourhood awareness


  • By making use of an attractive, user-friendly web platform residents of specific neighborhoods will receive relevant news, promotional offers, invitations or announcements
  • For local retail, organizations, clubs, governments and individuals, Postbuzz would serve as an efficient way to reach people from a geographically defined area, while getting around the need of having their e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers or social network profiles


The Challenge

1. Strategical

  • Take over existing project
  • Completely redesign the vision after alpha launch
  • Introduce localisation for different countries

2. Technical

  • Refactor 80% of code for more scalability
  • Develop flexible framework to adopt new local businesses quickly



The Proccess

  1. Adopt SCRUM methodology

  2. Plan two-weeks long sprints

  3. Deliver builds and make deploys frequently

  4. Adjust plans to fit new customers needs

The Result

1. Technical

  • Application is more reliable, stable and scalable
  • New designs and functions are introduced
  • Iterative workflow reduced time for feedback - development - release cycle
  • Introduction of  new type of cards, coupons & promotions
  • Simplified user flows
  • Easier post creation
  • More Ad tracking control for local businesses was added

2. Strategical

“ I live in Hasselt for one year now and as a disabled person I never know what’s happening in my neighborhood. I really like your initiative! Postbuzz just opened my eyes. Thanks to you guys, I went to the Japanese garden. I learned about a new hotspot and even get notified when to take out the garbage. Maybe I even get to know my neighbors better soon. It’s fantastic! Awesome! :) ”

Postbuzz is one of 11 Belgian start-ups shortlisted for Accenture Innovation Rewards.