The Idea

  1. Create a Personal Performance Tracker for football players and team coach

  2. Build Online Platform that would provide essential stats: measure player performance data & compare it to other football players

Data to be measured & represented:

  • Distance, sprints
  • Acceleration, deceleration
  • Top speed, speed zones
  • Heatmaps, activity
  • Player comparisons

The Challenge

1. Strategical

  • Take over existing project
  • Understand and improve the way how coach uses the app and the hardware
  • Improve load of big sizes data files from hardware to iPad and its upload to back-end

2. Technical

  • Remove old libraries
  • Get rid of web views and replace with native views and controls
  • Update to Swift 3, refactor existing code and add more functionality within tight schedule

3. UI/UX

  • Update design significantly and quickly

The Process

  1. Define the items to start with

  2. Plan regular meetings to accelerate knowledge transfer

  3. Set up regular deliveries and tests

  4. Introduce modular architecture that replaces many different libraries and makes them redundant. This way application becomes more scalable, maintainable, stable and ready for adding more functionality

  5. Elaborate cooperation framework and process that suits both teams

  6. Conduct workshops to brainstorm improvements ideas

The Result

1. Technical

  • Deliver build more frequently
  • Application became more reliable and stable
  • New designs and functions introduced  to coaches
  • Iterative workflow reduces time for feedback - development - release cycle
  • Time to prepare hardware before the match decreased
  • Time to upload data and get results after the match decreased
  • Additional statistic and tracking events for coach and players were added

2. Strategical

TRACKTICS as Performance & Analytics Solution:

  • Provides key sports-scientific information, easy to understand and always readily available
  • The match information is available through the Online Platform, which runs on every operating system & smartphone
  • Gives access to information about players' covered distance, the amount of completed sprints and other individual actions
  • The data can be displayed as a single player statistics or the statistics of the whole team

TRACKTICS is supported by EXIST and participant in the European Pioneers-Program.

TRACKTICS partners with Real Madrid Football Schools.