Interactive, neighborhood platform for local communities and organizations

Postbuzz allows to:

– Stay informed about roadworks, emergencies etc.
– Receive folders & promotions from shops and local business
– Get to know about neighborhood events, yard sales & local hotspots
– Sell and give away items
– Easy reach and mobilize neighbors
– Find babysitters, pet sitters, or a car to lend near by


Wearable performance tracking and analytics in football

Performance-Tracker & Online-Platform provide essential stats for you.

Be the best coach you can be with objective athletic performance data. Including: Distance, Acceleration, Deceleration, Top Speed, Heatmaps, Sprints, Speed zones, Activity, Player comparisons and more.

Play + Track: no infrastructure required, only one comfortable belt and tiny tracker per player.

Analyse: fully automated data analysis, presented in an easily understandable way.

Manage: improve your coaching using insights from the TRACKTICS app.


Direct home buying & selling FSBO portal in Singapore

Stacked Homes is an online portal for buyers and sellers to connect directly.

The process is made fuss free and transparent by providing simple and easy to understand guides to hand hold users through the entire experience.

The service provides a better viewing experience for the buyer through 360 virtual home tours, so that they are able to see homes that they are interested in through the comforts of their own home and at their own convenience.


Tracking Industrial Assets in Motion

Centimeter-accurate 3D localization and flexibility through universal sensor interfaces. The most cost-effective integrative localization platform with extensive interfaces and data evaluation tools. IntraNav RTLS and IntraLytics offer real added value. The foundation for your digital enterprise.

Turnkey Applications From The Practice Of Tomorrow’s Production & Logistics The IntraNav.IO Smart Factory Suite offers numerous ready-made applications for the digitization of your logistics processes as well as production steps. Data collection is made easy with the help of IntraLytics. Generate novel workflows, benefit from the digital twin and increase your resource efficiency.

Do a Wilson

The social networking app for party lovers

See the latest videos and photos from music events, festivals, nightclubs and other parties from around the world.

Find friends, follow other users and share your love for music with others. Chat with friends anytime, anywhere.

Make your videos and photos stand out by using our live face masks, stickers, accessories, filters, effects and emojis.

Share your videos and photos on the app or other social media channels.

Leapin Digital Keys

A comprehensive end-to-end smart lock solution to make any access point smart

With Digital Keys any door becomes a smart, intuitive and secure point of access. Smart access and unlocking is just a tap away on the smartphone.

The ecosystem is ready to be integrated into any already existing electronic lock and door anywhere, and no on-site infrastructure is required.

More secure, reliable, and affordable than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the locks are made smart with the latest in Narrowband IoT technology.

The solution is built in cooperation with Vodafone and Huawei product team.


Recommendations, Not Reviews.
For Students + Young Travelers Only

Follow Friends + Top Travelers
No more reviews from strangers. Follow anyone you want and easily see their favorite places.

Favorite Places, Not 1-5 Stars
The 1-5 star rating system is simply outdated. Instead, we’re all about recommendations.

Create + Share
Lists Share or discover lists such as My Favorite Cities, 48 Hours in Paris, Top 5 Brunch Spots in NYC, and many more.

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