Mobile Development

Stay in touch with your clients and make them closer to your business – this is one of the aims for mobile app creation. It is no wonder that people can't imagine their lifes without comfy gadgets.

Getting started with iOS and Android development, VindiTek team aims to become a leading mobile software company.

We believe that a number of examples of how such kind of mobile tools raised the business to the top ranks will inspire people to start new digital projects. And we would be proud to be a part of those solutions.

Front-End Development

The way how the world interacts with your idea relies on front-end programming. Our developers want to make your client's experience pleasant and loyal to your brand.

The philosophy of front-end design is in close connection with visual interface and principles of networking, with databases and web-server operating.

Dealing with a diversity of business startups we enrich our team with proper skills and your business – with a decent digital product the customers would like to interact every day.

Back-End Development

You may never see how it looks like, but you will enjoy the way it all works. This is how we create back-end for website.

Whether people like it or not, but half of the success for any kind of on-line service or product is hidden like underwater part of an iceberg. Back-end processing affects the whole impression of usability.

So we fully share the demands of our customers to the quality indicators of back-end programming.

UI/UX Design

Everybody knows about importance of good user interface. By creating visual image of your product you write the story of your business.

And that story includes a number of user experience processes – successful or ... certainly successful!

As by great UI/UX design we mean clear structure, easy-going interaction and smart combination of your aims with user's curiosity which will lead your web project to progress.