Discovery Phase

Be aware. Act consciously
Discovery Phase

We start with the first exciting moment in our mutual cooperation.
Defining ambitious goals of your business and the best ways to bring it to the world.

 Idea Verification & Analysis

We analyze ideas and goals to reach the most desirable results for your business that we can apply through launching online project.


Creating a clear structure of the project can become your springboard to successful business launch.

 Scheduling & Budgeting

Reasonable time table and accounting are the base for well-timed outcome of your idea.


Stay unique. Create the style

Visual presentation shapes the first impression of the whole concept.
That’s why this stage is always full of inspiration and creative energy.


Here lies the map that will connect customers with your content and give people the right guidance for the certain acts according to your plan.

 Interface Design

The better is your visual concept the more loyal are your customers.

 Responsive Design

It's up to your clients whether they will use smarphone, tablet or laptop – your application will look perfect everywhere.


You will know for sure how everything will look, work and interact – predictable and correct.


We'll make it happen

You came through all previous doubts and complexity of choice - you are on the right way.
Just a few steps left to reach the milestone of your business project.

 Front-End Development

Developing front-end we work on a set of emotions arising in the interaction with the user interface.

 Back-End Development

The right base for each new stage is here in the proper back-end.


Perfect code quality is something we are proud of and guarantee it to our customers.


Mobile applications are everywhere to accompany your life and your project should take its rightful place in a global digital world.


Be proud. Way to go!

That's an immense amount of work!
We are still here to bring the wings to your startup.

 Post release support

Even after release we take care of your project

 Source code delivery

Transfering all source codes, accesses and documentation


We are glad provide our insights on further product development


Long term relationships and new product releases